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GitOps deployment and cluster management

git push and your cluster will update

- One click Docker Swarm / Kubernetes Setup
- Deploy from any plattform
- Manage Multiple environments
- Secure password storage for agile teams

Full GitOps Management

Manage your cluster environment the same way you manage your Software: Using git repositories. Use mature methods for reviews like merge-requests and protected branches to manage your infrastructure the same way you manage your codebase.

Keyless Infrastructure

The best way to secure a server is to not have access to it at all. Rudl allows to provision a cluster without the need for any privileged access at all.

Secretless Operations

Secrets are stored encrypted within your GitOps repository. Using asynchronous encryption, administrators can create secrets whithout the possibility to access them at all.

Collective Code Ownership

Allow anyone to review your infrastructure and cluster configuration without impact on overall security.

+1 Security by design

Rudl is designed to have at least two systems to be compromised before the system at a whole is compromised.

Full automated deployment

Rudl integrates with gitlab and github build pipeline. Roll out Updates on the fly and reconfigure services without the need to log into any system.

Atomic Clusters

Spin up new clusters with no effort. Migrate the load. Shutdown old clusters.

Supported platforms

gitlab github docker